• Eliminated City Council Health Benefits to save taxpayer money
  • Supported Senior Task Force which improves awareness among seniors of available resources to assist them, (i.e. ride to vaccination, doctor appts.)
  • Maintained lower taxes through good economic growth
  • Reduced government costs through smart efficiencies
  • Sustained government services; public safety; focused on kids, seniors, and our veterans
  • Gustin has a proud history of public service. 


  • Elected as Councilwoman in 2015, for 16-years Gustin served on the Naperville Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, including 2 ½ years as Planning and Zoning Commission chairwoman. 
  • An experienced real estate broker and Naperville businesswoman, she previously served the Federal government at the US Department of HHS, and as a Paralegal at the US Attorney’s Office and the FDIC (where she met her husband).  They have 3 children (an engineer, attorney, and educator that are products of our Naperville schools), and 2 grandchildren. 
  • Gustin is a graduate of DePaul and Roosevelt Universities. 
  • Gustin remains committed to the sound infrastructure, and ongoing efforts to maintain fiscal integrity while prudently delivering safety, utility, and all the City’s other needed community services that keep Naperville an acclaimed destination to live and do business. 
  • Gustin will continue to press Naperville forward in IT and other technological efforts that reduce the cost of delivering services while also improving them, and to support growing Naperville by responsible, respectful, development.
  • To aid in achieving those goals, she is a City Council liaison to the Downtown Advisory Board, the Sister Cities Commission, the DuPage Mayors & Managers Conference, NCTV17, DuPage Water Commission and as a member of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. 
  • Gustin also serves other local boards and organizations such as Naperville Responds to our Veterans, Naperville Healing Field, KidsMatter, VFW Auxiliary, Naperville Exchange Club, Cress Creek Garden Club and Naperville Women’s Club.
  • Gustin has family in the military and supports veterans receiving >>>>>>>>>
  • Gustin is the only Leader Who has Stood Tall to Support Law Enforcement.  A recipient of the IL State Crime Commission Award of Excellence in Municipal Government
  • Consistently votes against Cuts to Law Enforcement both in headcount and proper funding of Public Safety budget
  • Catalyst of the First Hispanic Heritage Festival supporting diversity and inclusion of culture.
  • Participant of the DuPage Seniors Council Dancing with the Stars to raise money for DuPage Seniors.