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  • Pushed for stronger laws to protect our youth, Tobacco 21 (T21) which addressed the vaping/e-cigarette epidemic.  Patty voted to pass the Tobacco 21 (T21) law that is being duplicated throughout the country, supporting a strong e-cigarette law requiring purchasers to be 18 years of age. 

  • In addition, statistics and rehab professional confirm prescription drugs, tobacco and others can be a gateway to drug abuse. Due to the opioid crisis among other concerns Naperville’s first responders carry Narcan and statistics have shown a reduction in use, however those same statistics are seeing an uptick in marijuana use.

  •  Instrumental in passing an effective Humane Animal Ordinance understanding that our pets are family too.

  • Initiated and passed smart smoke & carbon technologies cutting resident costs and while providing immediate fire notice directly to resident cell phone.
  • Initiated and implemented the City’s online service based system offering online bill pay, permit request and more.
  • Continues to support our police and fire as evidenced by being an IL State Crime Commission Award recipient.
  • Eliminated City Council Health Benefits to save taxpayer money
  • Supports our Senior’s through Gab with Gustin senior facility visits, the Senior Taskforce that improves awareness among seniors providing resources to assist them, (i.e. ride to vaccination, doctor appts.), and DuPage County Senior Council Dancing with the Stars participant.
  • Votes for lower taxes and good economic growth that supports a strong financial picture.
  • Established the first financial principals used to keep the City budget in check.
  • Reduced government costs through smart efficiencies and technologies.
  • Supports government services for public safety; kids, seniors, and veterans our most vulnerable during the pandemic in need of emotional, psychological and physical assistance.