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People are helping Patty get elected. Won’t you?


Please help support her. Here’s how:


Spread the Word!

Start mentioning Patty Gustin to your friends and fellow citizens. Send them to her website; ask them to follow her on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter. Send them a link in an email. These are simple things anybody can do and yes, it makes a difference!


Fill-out the form below for your own Patty Gustin sign.  A perfect orange for Halloween. Add to your yard art today!


Fill-out the form below for a Vote-For-Gustin digital link to share on your Social Media, Twitter, Email and Text. It is easy to send to your sphere of influence.  

Make a Donation

It takes a great deal of funds to make flyers, mail postcards, advertise and in general get the word out during a campaign. Your simple, convenient online donation of $10, $50, $100 or whatever amount is comfortable for you will add to the many others who will support Patty, and those dollars add up!

Please help by clicking the donation button below.  You can even make your donation recurring, so that you give something each month without having to write another check or fill out another form.  That way, Patty has a steady stream of funding for the campaign. But of course it’s totally up to you and every dollar is greatly appreciated.




Whichever way you plan to help, thank you for your support!

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