Promoting Diversity

Sister Cities Commission:  Patty joined with Mayor Emeritus George Pradel to retain and grow Naperville’s Sister Cities Commission.  Naperville joins with Sister Cities Nitra, Slovakia, and Patzcuaro, Mexico, for a greater understanding of, and to foster a lasting friendship between, the people of Naperville and its two Sister Cities communities. The Commission leads Sister Cities’ opportunities for cultural exploration, economic development and trade, dialogues to achieve common goals, and to enhance social, business, and education partnerships to learn, work, and grow together in our ever-smaller world.  Patty travels, she visited Slovakia (at her expense) to meet City leaders and promote the Commission, and because her family is so culturally diverse she knows the importance of blended communities and multi-cultural acceptance in our diverse, culturally rich, City.

2017 Visit to Naperville’s Sister City, Nitra, Slovakia, and the Deputy Mayor and City Historian

Naperville Senior Task Force:  Patty works with Bev Frier Patterson, Karen Courney, and other Naperville community leaders and volunteers to support the Naperville Senior Task Force (STF).  The STF provides a conduit to better hear the voices and needs of our most experienced citizens.  Historic preservation, housing, services costs, sidewalk width, business licensing, and other City functions are best with the STF’s input.

Care and Disabled Facility “Gabs with Gustin”:  Each quarter Patty visits, meets, and has coffees to learn, update, and keep the too-often-forgotten, less mobile, residents involved in our community.  Patty is committed to serve all of Naperville, including Naperville’s assisted living and long term care facility residents.

Patty Gets out There and Works With You!

Councilwoman Patty Gustin remains your respectful and experienced voice for sound City government.  She works for you and she knows who does the work the City Council requires.  She knows what is most important, and remembers her Southside Chicago roots.  She gets out there and asks residents and workers what they need!

Learning what our Public Works Department work on first hand.

Learning what our First Responders face

Staying Involved in Civic Efforts

Honored to be a recipient of 2018 Illinois State Crime Commission Award for Municipal Service

Mentors and Family are  Priceless

Our Future is in Great Hands (Youth Initiative for Phosphorous Reduction)

Cure for Pancreatic Cancer with Ann & John Zediker

Brookdale 4th of July Parade with Police Chief Marshall and event organizers

Naperville’s Annual St. Pat’s Day Parade

Secretary of State Jessie White’s Organ Donor Awareness at Naper Settlement with Secretary of State Jessie White

Supporting our VFW & Naperville Responds For Our Veterans. Judd-A-thon with Dupage Forest Commissioner Mary Lou Wehrli