Some of Patty’s City Council successes are listed below.  They show why you can trust Patty to stay true to her Vision for each of us.  They show how she protected our future by closing the $6 million budget deficit inherited on the first day in office.  Building our future with fiscally prudent annual budgets, and by improving the cost-effective delivery of the City services our residents expect.  How she built upon Naperville’s “green” initiatives.  How she worked to change outdated City ordinances to promote smart, efficient growth and savings to our City and the taxpayers.

Fiscal Reforms and Responsibility

Elimination of Council Member Health and Pension Benefits:  Patty voted, as promised, to end Council member health and pensions benefits, saving the taxpayers those costs.

Balanced Budget and Lowest Real Estate Taxes:  Patty voted to hold real estate level and resolved the $6 million budget deficit her first year on Council; the next budget years she voted to reduce real estate taxes and they are now the lowest in Naperville’s history.  The City’s triple AAA bond rating was saved.

Transparent Government:  Patty voted for transparency to move the garbage collection fees to monthly utility bills and off the real estate tax bill.  The cost is no longer hidden in the general City budget, and it avoided tax law risks with the “pass through” method used before.  The garbage fee charged to every house is the same, and Patty supports the possibility of a garbage fee discount for financially-challenged seniors and other residents.

Pension Funding:  When the recent State actuarial report required another $2 million dollars for City pension funding, Patty voted to implement a new funding formula that makes budget planning more predictable and fair.  The City’s public safety pension fund is now at approximately 80%, among the strongest in the State.  Tiered pensions are now available for newly-hired employees providing future budget relief for the City.

Smart Smoke & Carbon Home Technology:  Patty spearheaded efforts to update the City’s building code to allow affordable/safer Smart Smoke and Carbon detector home technology.  This removes the expense, as an example, of installing hard-wire “dummy” detectors from most home remodeling projects.  Smart technology also delivers immediate smart phone notifications to owners and first responders for faster/safer response times.;

Health Savings Account (HSA) Insurance Option:  Patty voted for new options to reduce the City’s employee health plan insurance costs. City union contracts now include a HSA plan, and other healthcare program modifications reduced spending by $530,000 (2016 report).

Green and Other Technology Efficiencies

Sustainable Energy Initiatives:  Patty has consistently voted to promote and improve the City’s wind and solar ordinances for residences and businesses; most recently expanding uses at the Naperville Municipal Building and several residential properties. Patty helped to initiate the City’s first renewable energy ordinance.

Compressed Natural Gas:  Patty voted for the City’s first CNG fuel station.  The project will be built with private corporate funding, and it will allow the City to convert a large percentage of their trucks to CNG making Naperville’s fleet more diversified and environmentally friendly.

Online Accessibility and Service:  Patty has consistently pressed and voted for needed IT and other technological changes to meet the next generation of customer service expectations, and better serve those who live and do business in the community.  The City overhauled its website to provide a better customer experience and modernized to the City’s mainframe system to improve operations.  Patty is committed to stay the course of IT-based cost reduction and efficiency.

More Online Construction Happening Now:  In fiscal years 2019-2020, the City will deliver or enhance online services for electronic payment options, building permits/inspections, utility and other service requests, and registrations/licenses.

Citizen Engagement:  Patty supports the What Works Cities objective providing data driven information and transparency.  In order to increase citizen engagement and transparency, the City will increase the number of datasets released to the City’s open data portal by 15 datasets annually.

Economic Development

Patty votes to ensure a strong Naperville economy with smart commercial growth to diversify a steady flow of businesses moving to, or expanding in, Naperville.  This helps relieve the residential real estate tax base and the burden residents must carry for the City’s budget.  Naperville’s commercial vacancy rate has continued to improve with the rate dropping from more than 14 percent to 10 percent.

Patty supports smart development in the community, not just development for development’s sake (particularly development that risks the balance of Naperville’s economy).  An example was Old Nichols Library.  Patty, an experienced real estate professional and paralegal for DOJ and FDIC, understood the legal title encumbrances/restrictions imposed, but she also confirmed her predecessor community leaders’ intentions matched her legal and planning understanding.  They did.  Planning changes resulted.  The Old Nichols Library development is now destined to match-up the City’s best development goals with prudent heritage preservation.

Before being elected to City Council, Patty was Chairwoman for the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission (and Chair of the Zoning Commission, and Commissioner to the Village of Lisle Planning and Zoning Boards).  Patty’s public service and professional experiences guide her support of proper Naperville growth and development on the City Council.  During Patty’s tenure, examples of Naperville’s business growth include:

The Shuman (365,000 square foot, former OfficeMax headquarters, acquired by Franklin Partners who will be investing millions to make it a premier Class A office product)
SMS Assist (City Gate Centre)
Alloya (184 Shuman Blvd.)
Aldi Headquarters (1100 Warrenville Rd.)
Nalco’s Water University (Nalco campus)
Patel Brothers Grocery (1568 W. Ogden Ave.)
Hotel Indigo (120 Water St.)
Chervon (1203 E. Warrenville Rd.)
Elements at Water Street (123 Water St.)
Andy’s Frozen Custard (450 E. Ogden Ave.)
215 – 231 East Ogden redevelopment
Gerald Auto redevelopment (1210 E. Ogden Ave.)
Future growth: City Gate Event Center
Old Nichols Library redevelopment
Harvest Food Group headquarters (1600 Pebblewood Ln.)
Mall of India (776 S. Route 59)
Urban Air and Marshall’s (new tenants) at High Grove Plaza (1931 Glacier Park Ave.)

Whirlyball Naperville (near CarMax and Top Golf Naperville, Odyssey Ct)


FIGHTING TOBACCO AND OTHER INHALANT ADDITIONS: Patty led the fight to implement one of the first ordinances in the State to raise the age for sale of tobacco products and other addictive inhalants/delivery devices to 21 (T21).  Some opposed T21 then, but now is being adopted across the country. 


Opioids and Like Risks:  Patty fights to protect our community from gateway and other drugs, and for those that are already addicted to get help.  Naperville’s first responders now carry Narcan to combat opioid overdoses.  She will keep fighting to limit the risks, especially to our youth, of tobacco marijuana, and alcohol.

Humane Animal Ordinance

Patty voted to pass an effective Humane Animal Ordinance that respects our pets are family too. tab to August 2018 icon.