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Re-Elect Patty Gustin!

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Meet Patty

Patty Gustin is your DuPage County Board Member for the 5th District.  Just 2-years ago, you elected Patty to the County Board because she brought needed experience and fresh and respectful leadership.  In today’s tough times, we still cannot afford the cost and delays of inexperience, and we can never tolerate disrespect.  You know you can always trust Patty to make the tough decisions, and to do it respectfully, for you! 

Patty has proven experience and the commitment to keep doing the job.  She has represented you on the County Board since 2022.  She led the City of Naperville for over 7-years as Councilwoman, the 4th largest city in Illinois, leading various departments and directing the over $600M budget.  Her record for the County matches her record as Councilwoman.  She builds consensus with departments, boards, and committees, always supports safety and our first responders, initiatives that protect our youth and seniors, and delivers dependable county services.  While Councilwoman, during the Pandemic, some of our Nation’s most trying social and financial times, at times under personal threat, Patty successfully led supporting business and residents against outside influences on the community’s safety and economy while reducing debt and tax rates to 50-year lows.  

Patty knows our communities.  Before she was elected to County Board and City Council, she was a 14-year volunteer on Naperville’s Plan and Zoning Commission, including as its Chairwoman.  As a 9-year Lisle resident, Patty volunteered for its Planning and Zoning Board.  And Patty was a member of the DuPage County Water Commission.  

Patty knows business.  She is a graduate of Roosevelt University (Paralegal Studies) and DePaul University (Business Organization and Management).  Patty worked for the Chicago FDIC Counsel’s Office, and for the Department of Justice (Criminal Division) at the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago.  She is a successful businesswoman, a managing broker by State of IL Dept of Banks & Real Estate, serving the western suburbs including the Aurora, Naperville, and Lisle areas.

Patty loves DuPage County.  She has lived in DuPage County since 1991, with her husband Greg.  They have a diverse family, and three children: a teacher, an attorney, and an engineer.  Patty fights to protect our kids, our elderly, our first responders, and all those that cannot fight for themselves.  She keeps government where it belongs, and out of your pocketbooks and personal choices.  She protects communities from unneeded growth of cannabis stores, protects our youth and adults from drugs and other mental health risks, and promotes balanced government roles for green energy and affordable housing, always fights to grow business to cut resident taxes.   

You can always trust that Patty will navigate DuPage County’s future for you.   Help re-elect Patty however you can, donate, volunteer, spread the word and most importantly by your vote!

As your Board Member, she also represents you on the DuPage Community Development Committee; Finance Committee; Intergovernmental Committee; Judicial & Public Safety Committee; and, the Technology Committee, in addition to the Illinois State Association of Counties (ISACo) committees; Community, Economic and Workforce Development Policy Committee; Home Advisory Group; Justice and Public Safety Policy Committee; and the Environment, Energy and Land Use Policy Committee.